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Are you ready to handle and swallow the Truth?

At the temples, churches and house of worship, you'll notice the 'symbol' of the Awakening of the Kundalini Fire/Baptism by Fire with lighting the candles/fire ritual and the ringing of a bell.

The elusive meaning of these symbolic rituals and ceremonies are lost for thousands of years. Once the the dormant Life Force/Kundalini is activated at the base of your spine/coccyx you'll see a light/fire and hear a sound just like that of a ringing bell.

On the other hand, the water/wine ritual symbolize the water of life/nectar/amrita/ambrosia/soma/elixir of life that flows continuously along your spine/susumna/central channel (that bestow perpetual bliss) once you've activated your Kundalini fire.

Indeed, religious rituals and ceremonies are just crude imitation of the real inner experience. Don't forget, the Kingdom of God is within you.

~ Weinz Belardo

Everyone is cordially invited to Weinz Belardo's Seminar on how to activate the Kundalini Fire (Expansion of Consciousness)

Date : Sunday January 27, 2013 at 3 pm until 6 pm

Venue : Theosophical Society of the Philippines main headquarters at # 1 Iba St. corner P. Florentino St. Quezon City (near Welcome Rotonda - between Espana and Quezon Ave)

The Kundalini Fire is also variously called Baptism by Fire, Divine Fire, Holy Spirit, Secret Fire, Serpent Fire, Fire Element, Yang Chi, Dragon, Bakunawa, Sakti, Shekhinah, Sakina, Mukalinda, Goddess, Mystical Lady and Great Mother in all esoteric, alchemical, mystical and spiritual traditions around the world.

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