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Esoteric Secrets of Christmas Symbolism

Christmas, aside from it’s considered ‘historical’ birth of baby Christ is also an ‘esoteric’ side that is often ignored or neglected by scholars and researchers. The fact that the birth of baby Christ also refers to an advanced spiritual practitioner’s internal subtle ‘spiritual energy baby’s birth (variously called in the esoteric and alchemical traditions around the world as Divine Child, Spiritual Immortal Baby, Golden Flower, Lapis, Baby ‘Future’ Buddha and Child Mercurius) that will be ascended and projected at the fontanel/crown chakra/top of the head when it reach it’s maturity.


This subtle spiritual/etheric/astral process usually takes many years to complete. This is the most greatest attainment of an advanced spiritual practitioner, because it indicates that s/he finally achieved an everlasting life, living later as an immortal cherub/angel. Jesus knew this and said “In fact, neither can they die anymore, for they are like angel, and God’s children by being children of resurrection” ~ Luke 20: 36; Matthew 22: 29; Mark 12: 25

Remember my students and participants of the Esoteric Workshop, that the teachings I’ve taught and shared to you are just the ‘first stage’ of your spiritual evolution. The awakening of your Kundalini/Sakti/Shekhinah/Sakina/Holy Spirit/Yang Chi/Mukalinda/Secret Fire, the feminine aspect of the Creator at the base of your spine/coccyx and it’s subsequent divine union/marriage (symbolize as the Lamb’s marriage to his bride, Sakti and Shiva marriage, Ying and Yang, Solar and Lunar integration) to the masculine aspect of the Creator at the fontanel/Crown chakra/top of the head will result in the immaculate conception and later birth of an immortal cherub/angel and that is the ‘second stage’ of your spiritual journey.

The Christmas Tree also is an ancient esoteric traditional symbol of The Tree of Life, encircled usually 7 times with Christmas Lights (symbolize the awakened Serpent Fire and the 7 awakened chakras/ vortices) and the twinkling Star at the summit ( symbolize the awakened Crown chakra at the top of the head). May this meaningful Christmas symbol inspire us to seek and attain the Christ consciousness/Spiritual Enlightenment on this very lifetime for manifesting much Unconditional Love, Compassion, Peace and Joy. Have a Blessed Christmas to you and to your family :)


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