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So True...Money Is Not Everything

Money have the power to buy food, clothing, shelter, sexual partners, gadgets, transportation, popularity, etc. You could entertain yourself in many ways. You could travel anywhere in the world...but ironically money couldn't buy real lasting happiness, inner bliss, peace of mind, excellent health, wisdom and enlightenment

Money in itself is not bad. It is the disappointing illusion that in the "near future" you will be "happy" once you've got lots of money that truly causes depression, loneliness and even suicide

As successful individuals in modern society, we sometimes get a glimpse of "something is missing" even though we got it all. That "something" is elusive, couldn't even be satisfied by attending a regular church/temple services.

Truly, it is through the practice of meditation that one could fill that emptiness and void despite being successful. Indeed, to get in touch with one's original higher self is the beginning of a glorious, marvelous and wonderful life journey. Much Light and Love ♥


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